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Serious Sam II [PC-DVD] [Shoot'em Up] Free Download




Serious Sam II is a scrolling shooter that will test your reaction speed to its extreme limits. It is a sequel to Serious Sam, a title that gave us the infamous Sam Fisher character..from __future__ import absolute_import from __future__ import division from __future__ import print_function from __future__ import unicode_literals import numpy as np import os import torch import cv2 import h5py import glob import sys import logging import numpy as np import os import sys from PIL import Image from import DataLoader from utils.logger import Logger as Log import utils.networks from utils.color import color_label_for_image from datasets import get_dataset def convert_img_to_coc(image_path): im = cv2.imread(image_path) return np.array('RGB')).transpose((2, 0, 1)) class FaceTracker(object): def __init__(self,detectors=3): if detectors == 0: self.detectors = 0 elif detectors == 1: self.detectors = 1 elif detectors == 2: self.detectors = 2 else: Log.debug('Detector number is {}'.format(detectors)) self.detectors = int(detectors) self.networks = [] self.faces = [] self.s = [] self.visages = [] self.probs = [] self.scores = [] def




Serious Sam II [PC-DVD] [Shoot'em Up] Free Download

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